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Print With confidence using FSC-Certified Paper! Rapid Color Printing is a FSC Chain of Custody Certified Las Vegas Printing Company.

Corporate social responsibility and environmental impact issues are becoming a central component of corporate branding. As a Las Vegas Printing Company we try and help you with your company’s environmental footprint. It cannot only help the environment, but can also enhance your brand if you can show your customers your printing responsibly. Carrying the FSC-certification logo on your marketing products tells the world that your company support the highest social and environmental standards in the production of your marketing materials.

Your purchase and use of FSC-certified paper and print products helps to contribute to environmental conservation, responsible environmental management, and community and global benefits for the forests that provide your FSC certified paper. The United States is the worlds largest market in paper products,and we produce close to 90 million tons of paper per year and we consume over 100 million tons annually. Even with huge improvements in the technologies utilized in refining post consumer wood pulp, virgin fiber (from freshly cut trees) is still a significant requirement, as only 35% of current United States paper consumption can be covered by utilizing recycled fiber; in addition, approximately 25% of recovered paper fiber is exported to markets outside of the United States. Approximately 25% by volume of fresh wood harvested annually in the United States is utilized in paper production.

While it is true that recycled fiber is one of the key elements of the traditional practices for responsible paper consumption, it has become increasingly clear that forest management in the harvest and production of the wood used in paper manufacturing, has significantly more basic importance than even recycled paper fiber. The use of alternative fibers, chemical treatment utilization and the resulting byproducts are just some of the factors important to the continued responsible purchasing of paper and board.

Here at Rapid Color Printing, a Las Vegas Printing Company, we feel it is not only our job, but our responsibility to be as environmentally friendly wherever possible. All our scrap paper is recycled, and we only use soy based inks in the production of your print products.

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